New Professional Member 

Special rate and benefits to jumpstart your career

CPRS OttawaGatineau is dedicated to providing exceptional value to members through a variety of benefits catering to every stage of their careers – at both the local and national level. The New Professional Member (Affiliate Member) is a special category with events, opportunities and resources designed specifically for those just beginning their careers. This membership type is for you if you have less than two years of professional experience and are looking to jumpstart your career.

6 Benefits of Becoming a CPRS OttawaGatineau New Professional Member 
  1. Mentee/leadership role as an associate director on the CPRS Ottawa-Gatineau board
  2. CPRS Ottawa-Gatineau PR Leadership Award
  3. PR Volunteer opportunities
  4. Career-building professional development events
  5. Member discount for chapter networking and PD events
  6. A wide range of CPRS National benefits